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A Better Way to Apply Concrete in Many Common Cases

Choosing the best approach to construction for a particular project will always make success a lot more likely. While there are some construction techniques that are already well understood by most, others have yet to receive the attention that they probably deserve.

An especially versatile technology that allows concrete to be applied almost anywhere, for example, has been becoming steadily more common in recent years. Understanding the issues that most often arise in conjunction with such shotcreting services can make it more readily apparent when these might be viable options.

Spraying Concrete at Pressure Onto Almost Surface

A shotcreting system consists of a reservoir that holds the prepared material, attached to which is a pump that feeds into a flexible hose. The operator of the equipment can use this setup to spray concrete at high pressure onto whichever surface might need a layer of the material.

This method of applying appropriately formulated concrete allows the substance to adhere securely, even on vertical or inverted surfaces. As a result, shotcreting can be used in many situations where it would be impossible to apply concrete by more conventional means.

The Best Approach to Shotcreting for Any Project

As with other types of concrete application, there are plenty of variables that can be adjusted to make shotcreting even more suitable in particular situations. Two of the factors that most often vary from one project to the next include:

Reinforcement. Even where the load-bearing ability of a particular type of concrete is formidable, the tensile strength of the material in its basic forms is never especially high. Concrete used for shotcreting can be reinforced by mixing fibers directly into the material, an increasingly common approach. A more traditional style of reinforcement that centers on the use of steel rebar is also effective in many cases.

Finish. As with many other types of concrete construction, the surfaces produced by shotcreting can be finished in a variety of ways. When used for soil nailing and slope stabilization, concrete applied in this fashion will often be finished such that improved earth-holding ability results.

With there being a number of other ways by which shotcreting can be made even more suitable for certain projects, this already-versatile technique becomes even more so. Making use of shotcreting, where appropriate, can make it easier to achieve any of a wide range of goals.
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